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Ever thought about getting a tiny-home or bunkie? We make tiny homes, bunkies, and anything else you can dream up from shipping containers. They are custom made to suit your needs so you don't have to chose from limited designs. Contact us today to get your custom shipping container project started!  


Residential Containers:

We make custom residential shipping containers for a wide variety of applications. They are created with all the normal luxuries of modern living at a lower cost and a faster time to completion. Lead times for completion are between 2-6 months and on-site delivery/installation around 1-3 days. Chose from pre-made designs or create your own. Some common uses for Containers in Residential applications are: Tiny Homes, Tiny Cabins, Air BnB's, Home Gym, Accessory Building, Guest House / Sleeping Bunkies, Pool Bar / Cabanas

Residential Containers

Retail and Events Containers

These containers are fabricated to your needs and create the perfect space for pop-up retail spaces, events, trade shows, and other applications where mobility, portability, durability, and an overall cool look/experience is key.

Shipping cotainer store


Below is a list of our most asked questions. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions you may have about your specific situation.  

Can your containers be customized? 

Yes! We build each unit custom made to suit your needs. A good starting point is to look at our packages and possible upgrades. 

How long does it take to build one? 


From the time you place your order, most units are completed and ready for delivery and installation within 2-3 months but it may depend on the complexity. 

Customized Container

Are these allowed in my municipality?


Yes! Shipping container buildings and accessory buildings are allowed in most municipalities as long as they conform to local permit requirements and building codes. Check with your local building department if your municipality allows them. 

Do you deliver and install? 


Yes. We do deliver, and install but it is not required. If you have someone local or want to take on the connection/installation yourself that's totally ok!

Can you make OFF Grid containers? 

Yes! Our containers can be made fully off-grid using solar power, composting toilets, incinerating toilets, wood stoves, propane heat, and other options making these ideal for remote locations, or when tying them into existing services isn't ideal. 

Are these made from Used containers? 


Yes. There are different grades of used containers so most of our projects are built from what is called a 1 Trip container. This is a container that has only made one trip overseas which ensures minimal dents, structural and cosmetic integrity, and the highest quality seals. 

Customized Container
Grid Container
Custom Container

Am I limited to just a 20'x8' or 40'x8' container?


Although most of our units are made from either 20' or 40' containers, there are other options. Several containers can be joined together, and other options such as the 9'6" 'high cube' containers (with are a foot taller than regular containers) and 10' containers are also available in various combinations. 

How are container homes and buildings built? 


Our units are built as normal residential structures using the same building materials you woudl find in regular house. They can have all of the same amenities and luxuries of a regular home and are subject to the same standards, inspections, and municipal codes as a regular home.

Are your containers insulated? 


Yes. Our containers are insulated using closed cell spray foam insulation. 

Custom Container

What are some of the upgrades available? 

  1. Siding - Our base models are painted in the colour of your choice but various typs of siding can be installed from cedar, to vinyl, to aluminum/steel siding on all or partial. 

  2. High Cube - Upgrade from regular height (8'6") to High Cube (9'6") is a popular upgrade. 

  3. Roof - Flat roof with membrane, peaked roofs, or slanted roofs are all upgrade options. 

  4. Windows / Doors - You can upgrade to larger doors and windows in black or white.

  5. Deck/Rooftop Patio - Build a rooftop deck/patio to capitalize on the space on the.   

Container PRICING 

Each one of our containers is custom made to order, so pricing can vary, however below are some popular models with pricing to get you started. 

20' Tiny Home 

These units are ideal as a guest house, cottage bunkie, or off-grid cabins or Air Bnb. 


- Bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom

- 6' sliding door and two windows 

- Spray Foam Insulated

- Ikea Kitchen cabinets

- Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring

Pricing: Starting at $35,000

Stay tuned for more models and designs along with 3D renderings and pricing. We appreciate your patience while we update our website. 

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